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DID YOU KNOW THAT MORE THAN 90% OF THE COMPLETE WORLD TRADE IS MOVED BY OCEAN FREIGHT? When cost-effectiveness is what you are looking for, containerized ocean freight is the answer. Worldwide routes and transit times are continuously improving and being made more efficient to meet the wishes of global demand. We will assist in finding the perfect FCL/LCL solution for your company and your global business Ocean freight is the most cost-effective mode of transportation and can be implemented for the smaller partial loads (LCL) and the full container loads (FCL). The range of sailings and options is well represented globally with the vast network of postal logistics-International at your fingertips. Whatever your logistic need is, there is likely a suitable schedule. Safe and sound create ease of mind. The risk of damages or calamities is very low in ocean freight. Within postal logistics-International, we value the global rules and regulations that ensure your products arrive desired at the wanted to depict it.



DID YOU KNOW THAT IN 2017, 70,3 MILLION TONS WERE TRANSPORTED VIA AIR FREIGHT AND THAT THE INDUSTRY IS “ONLY” 107 YEARS OLD? When a swift delivery is what you are looking for, air freight is the answer. postal logistics-International will assist in finding the perfect airfreight solution for your company and your global business. Air freight is the most time-effective mode of transportation and can be implemented not only for smaller loads but also for bigger shipments; chartering a complete airplane is even possible. We have connections with a wide range of flights. Our network and options are well-represented globally. There are so many routes that most parts of the world can be reached within one week The risk of damages or calamities is very low in air freight. We work closely with our airfreight partners to ensure your products arrive at desired destinations Have a team experimented with by specialists in air freight who answer your daily priorities and strangely regarding the time, the space, the frequency, and the costs, it has a personalized and customized service. We are for your listening, we learn, and we train a partnership squeezed with you to identify your needs and understand your objectives. Our products of standard air freight and their personalized options confer bigger flexibility on your supply chain.



Postal logistics-International ground logistics and transportation network is one of the best in the industry, providing our customers with ways to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and optimize load capacity. Our network is dedicated, and responsible, and always provides the highest level of ground transportation services with proactive and effective communication. We provide a full range of ground transportation services. Full Truckload Services (FTL) Less-than-Truckload Services(LTL) / Part Truck Load (PTL) Retail Truckload Services



We offer warehousing and storage facilities for temporarily holding your goods in a safe environment during transit. We offer complete RCC space for storage purposes of the goods. We store anything from large industrial machines, and imported goods to household items in our warehouses. The warehouses can be used by clients for storing their goods in case the destination where they need to be delivered are not ready. We employ warehouses that have high standards of safety and protection. The warehouses are waterproofed to protect the cargo from moisture and damage. We offer the best and most economical deals for warehousing and storage. Please contact us for more information. Providing high-quality transportation services to all of our clients Invest in our employees to provide better service and company growth Worry about the environment according to the latest industry standards Safety is a top priority in assuring safe work procedures Investing in technology to provide fast, accurate, and cost-effective service Living up to highest industry standards

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